Zig ZagThe Surprising Path to Greater Creativity
"Exceptional creators often zigzag through all eight steps, in varying order, every day. That’s part of the secret...Each step feeds the other seven."
Zig Zag Creativity Cards

Zig Zag Creativity Cards
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Zig Zag in Action

Free Creativity Fortune Teller!

You’ll probably remember this origami fortune teller from childhood. Back in third or fourth grade, you would fold this up, write colors and numbers on it, and make up your own fortunes to write inside.

Print out the attached pdf; it looks more creative if you print it on colored paper! Then, follow the instructions below to fold it together. (You can easily find a YouTube video demonstrating how to do it.) Start folding with the printed text on the bottom and the blank side on top. The first step is to cut away a strip of paper from the bottom of the page; after you make the first fold in the instructions below, just cut along the bottom edge of the top fold so that you end up with a square. The strip then becomes a bookmark and a handy reference to the eight steps.

Fortune teller folding instructionsAfter it’s all folded together, on the outside you’ll see the eight steps of the process. Inside you’ll find a short description of each step. And when you flip open the inside flaps, your “fortune” suggests which one of the techniques from the book you should try.

Leave the Zig Zag fortune teller on your desk! It’s a great conversation starter, and it’s always ready with a suggestion when you hit a creative block.

Download the Fortune Teller here!