Zig ZagThe Surprising Path to Greater Creativity
"Often we think that a creative solution will be a single thought that dawns on us in a moment of clarity. To the contrary: studies show it rarely arrives as a single brilliant idea."
Zig Zag Creativity Cards

Zig Zag Creativity Cards
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Keynote Presentations

Dr. Sawyer is a dynamic and experienced speaker, with over ten years of experience delivering inspiring talks to audiences as small as twenty or as large as 5,000. He receives enthusiastic audience feedback. The unique aspect of Sawyer’s talks is that they are grounded in the latest scientific understanding of how people and groups create, innovate, and collaborate.

These presentations are designed for organizations that are interested in enhancing their creative potential; they answer these key questions:

  • How can each person be more creative?
  • How can the entire group and organization work together to translate individual creativity into organizational innovation?

Seminars: Creativity, Collaboration

In these extended sessions, Sawyer engages participants in hands-on activities that are fun and engaging learning experiences. Whether two hours or two days, Sawyer keeps the inspiration flowing and everyone engaged. Each seminar is tailored to fit the needs of the organization and audience.

The Jazz Experience

In The Jazz Experience, Sawyer shares the stage with a jazz trio. Sawyer introduces each of the trio’s songs, describing the special balance of planning and improvisation that results in effective creativity. Sawyer then poses provocative questions for the musicians, drawing out their unconscious inspiration and their conscious goals and thoughts. This compelling experience shows how all of us can become more collaborative and more creative.

Dr. Sawyer's speaking engagements are handled by BrightSight Speakers.