Zig ZagThe Surprising Path to Greater Creativity
"Much of what’s been written about creativity until now has romanticized it, invoking the divine Muses or the inner child or the deep subconscious..."
Zig Zag Creativity Cards

Zig Zag Creativity Cards
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The Model

Other books about creativity tend to stick to a linear process: first, spot the need or opportunity, then gather information, generate possible ideas and solutions, select one of the ideas, and implement the idea. But psychology and neuroscience are showing us that the creative process is far richer than that—and far less rigid. When you begin to master the eight steps, you’ll start to zig and zag. Exceptional creators often zigzag through all eight steps, in varying order, every day. That’s part of the secret, because the steps work together to generate successful creativity. Each step feeds the other seven.

Zig Zag is a handbook of proven techniques, based in solid scientific research about creativity and the brain.

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